Centerpieces & Decor


Finished Wooden Centerpieces
Qty: 11

glass bowl with river rocks
Glass Bowls  
Size:  5.5″  (widest diameter) x 5″
Qty:  10   (Rocks are optional)
Comments:  Add water and float a flower petal!

Mason jar with rocks
Mason Jars
Size:  3″ x 5.25″
 Qty:  8
Comments:  Rocks are optional

Wooden heart
Wooden Heart
Size:  4″ x 4″
Qty:    18

Square mirror with bowl
Square Mirror
Size:  12″ x 12″
Qty: 19

tall vase with wide opening       
Tall Vase with Wide Opening
Size:  3.5″ x 9″
Qty:    4

Tall vase with skinny opening
Tall Vase with Skinny Opening
Size:  3.25″ x 10.5
Qty:  10

Twine covered bottles
Twine Covered Bottles  
Size:  Beer bottle
Qty:  10
Comments:  Add flowers for easy decor!  

Qty:  2
Comments:  Great for iced cans of soda/beer.

River Rocks
River Rocks