Before the wedding, you can make use of the Bridal Suite & Groom’s Quarters at Georgetown Event Center to get ready for your outdoor wedding reception.  After the ceremony, you & your guests will enjoy dinner and dancing at your wedding reception under white twinkle lights in a climate-controlled environment. 

The flower garden in San Gabriel Park is a beautiful option for your outdoor ceremony. Located just down the street from Georgetown Event Center along the beautiful river, you can choose to have your wedding at the peaceful sunken gardens or the stunning gazebo.   

Flower Garden near San Gabriel Park

For more information about renting San Gabriel Park, please call Georgetown Parks and Recreation Administration at (512) 930-3595 or visit San Gabriel Park online.


Berry Springs Park is another popular location for an affordable outdoor wedding ceremony in Georgetown.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

For more information about renting Berry Springs Park, please contact the park office at (512) 943-1920 or   

You can also visit their website HERE