There are so many things to say! First – Allison and Marlene are fantastic! Whenever I emailed or called with a question, they promptly responded. They did not ever leave me hanging. Their customer service was above and beyond! True professionals.

The facility itself is quite lovely. There are so many ways to decorate. We did not have lavish decorations, and the banquet room and lobby both looked beautiful.

Value and flexibility – WOW! You will NOT find a better place with all the benefits that the Georgetown Chamber offers. Getting a whole day to decorate without having to worry about it the day of the ceremony was so important. You don’t realize it until you’re there. And having someone come in to set up and tear down the tables and chairs for you is a relief. My husband and I stayed till the very end, and we left stress-free because we knew that the hard part of tearing down after an event would be handled for us.

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and their stress-free wedding package truly did help take away some of the stress that comes with wedding preparations. I can honestly say we picked the perfect place for our reception.”